Sunday, January 13, 2013

Saying Goodbye to Paris!

After a long eventful week this was the last full day we had in Paris! An early start was a priority for everyone as we tried to squeeze in every last bit of Paris architecture museums and shopping into this one day. The weather was dreary and cold, but we did not care and made the best of the day. 
After breakfast we all headed towards the Metro to start our day off sightseeing. Some of the group headed towards the Notre Dame, while others decided to go shopping at the Champs Elysees and other vintage stores in Montmartre. Other places on our checklist to visit for the day were The Louvre, Eiffel Tower, as well as the Bridge of Locks. 
The Notre Dame is a sight not to be missed on a visit to Paris. The stained glass windows are breathtaking and the size of the church is incredible, especially when one thinks about the time in which this church was constructed. With the museum pass we were also able to climb to the top of the church and see the views including the Eiffel Tower and other large buildings spanning the Paris Skyline.
The Louvre was also one of the most amazing places that the group went to. Everyone was awed by how large the building was and how many different pieces were displayed. We learned that there was also a second Louvre built where many other pieces are currently on display, many of which had been in storage and are now being pulled from the deep depths of the basement. The main attraction that we covered in the Louvre was the Monna Lisa. Many were surprised at the actual size of the painting as it is relatively small. It seems ironic that such a small piece can create such a large excitement and commotion and become so famous. The Louvre was so large that we got lost while inside and spent almost a half hour trying to figure out how to get outside where we had come in.
Our last touristy stop of the Night was the Eiffel Tower! The tower is illuminated at nights from Dusk until 1am, and every hour the tower lights sparkle for all to see from up to 37 miles away. 
After an exhausting day trying to trek across the city in order to see all the sights, we finally made our way back to the hotel, only to meet up with the other part of the group and head back out for our last dinner. All eight of the group had dinner at a quaint little restaurant in the Moulin Rouge district where we were staying. After dinner the right of us all drank our lovely gifts that we brought home from So Bacco and went out around our hotel for one last night in Paris!

-Ashley Breault

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