Monday, January 14, 2013

Looking Back: Seeing the Sights and Exploring the Magic of Paris

Looking back, my favorite day of the trip was the day we were able finally see all of the sites we had come to Paris to experience.

On Thursday, January 10th a few of the girls decided to explore Paris together, as we made a visit to the Louvre and Notre Dame. The experience was something I will never forget. We woke up early to take the Metro to the Louvre, the Metro really made things so convenient to get to and travel around. Being at the Louvre was incredible; having the chance to be surrounded by such amazing and incredible artwork, like the Mona Lisa and the Venus de Milo, was beyond surreal.

After the Louvre and a quick lunch, we visited the Islands and began at, the famous lock bridge, Ponts Des Arts, and each signed our initials on a lock of our own to be a part of the historical tradition, which was really wonderful. After exploring other areas of Paris we finally made our way to the Notre Dame. I have never been to such a beautiful and peaceful building in my life. The stained glass windows, ceilings, statues, and alter was gorgeous and so detailed. I now see why the architecture of this Church is known as a global masterpiece.

This day out in Paris is something I will never forget and will truly cherish. Having the opportunity to plan to visit these credible sights with great people was so memorable and made my trip to Paris complete.

- Jeanette Morley


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