Monday, January 7, 2013

Traveling the Countryside

In order to fit in all of the activities we had planned for today, we left our hotel around 7:45 this morning. We began our trip with a stop in Caen where we were able to visit two beautiful churches. We then got back on the bus and headed towards Mont Saint Michel. On the bus, we were able to view the scenic countryside and when we finally arrived to Mont Saint Michel, I think I can speak for us all when I say that it was truly breathtaking.

We got in a shuttle that took us right to the mecca of tourism and began our journey to the top! The ground level of the village was full of quaint little shops and restaurants. We then headed up almost 300 steps to the top! The plus side is we worked off all of those croissants! We saw everything from the dining halls to the giant wheel that was used as a human elevator.

We left Mont Saint Michel and got back on the bus for a short ride to our hotel for the night in Saint Malo. Our rooms overlook the ocean and a beautiful city. We were able to explore the surrounding area which was quiet but beautiful. Myself and a few other students wandered into what is known as "the old city"; a small village full of cobble stone paths and little cafes and restaurants, one of which we decided on for dinner. We feasted on fresh cod, roasted chicken and steak all of which was delicious. After dinner we headed back to the hotel in order to get a good nights sleep for a full day tomorrow!


Maureen O'Connor